My work comes from two places, border culture because I was born in Cd Juarez and grew up in El Paso Texas; and graffiti, my urban teacher, because the streets were my training ground. My passion for letters has provoked new inspirations in my artist life. Although graff is the most profound element of myself as an artist , it is separate from my art practice, where I am challenged by the contemporary approaches of all mediums in art. Inspirations come from logos, symbolism, architecture, urbanization, the humor and nostalgia in specific immigrant cultures because I see the beauty in their creative micro-economies that develop sustainability and affordability; which lead to creations of participatory and collective art projects with intentions of dissolving all borders and deceptive forms of separation. Hunting, gathering and investigating these themes; I paint, collage, install, sculpt and use video to translate my concepts into experiences . In my paintings, I use the language of globalization and create responses made with the cardboard logos of multinational import/export commodities used today. In the silkscreen works on paper, the art exists installed in public spaces as interventions of the conditionings we have in a culture of marketing, where we are constantly being sold something. The pieces just give without asking for a return and become challenges for the viewer's set beliefs.

crol   Crol
Isaias Crow specializes in public art on a wide range of scales, whether it's an experimental community mural, painting on utility enclosures, or directing a team of people to produce a multifaceted mural within diverse housing complexes. Crow's portfolio contains projects that required close collaboration with architects and designers in order to integrate his art. This is obtained by merging his knowledge in construction of homes and his academic education in media arts and animation, it creates a seamless understanding of what collaborators are requiring of him.
Recently, in 2008 he was selected and recognized as a "Mover and Shaker" of San Diego, an exhibit that provided awareness about the current people who are creating a difference in the San Diego visual arts community. Additionally, he is in constant participation with the Centro Cultural de la Raza, assisting in organizing, strategizing and conceptualizing for upcoming events and art exhibits. Currently, Crow amongst a group of associates and friends have been introducing experimental workshops at different venues and schools. This and his belief of intertwining and collaboration with other individuals is something that he believes is much needed in our society to generate solidarity in turn creating a difference.
Gera lozano   Geraldine Lozano
I am a memory collector and reality editor. Performing as a filter, I manipulate ancient and contemporary cultures to move them as trade within our perception of space. Mapping intimate and public experiences of exotic and globalized natures, I am an investigator of attachments to place, culture, identity and desire, in order to free them in visuals made with the patterns of time. Due to displacements, the artistic manifestations have a heightened sense of place. Consciously creating hybrid myths based on  archetypal energies that come closest to the transcendent reality of infinite being. I emphasize the imagination being an attribute of our soul not our mind. I use the body and non-physical aspects of existence to perform elements of evolution and consciousness by inventing gestures and forms of tradition. Creating documents and artwork with the organic substances of self in order to achieve a sense of presence and impermanence.
Irene Castruita
  Irene Castruita
Believes that through community organizing, art, danza and music “another world is possible – a world where many worlds fit.”  With her lyrics, whether it be in Son Sin Fronteras, a San Diego based group fusing traditional son jarocho music from Veracruz with modern styles, or in spoken word, she hopes to influence others to love, heal and go beyond borders with creative expression.  She is also a member of Los Able Minded Poets, a spoken soul, funk, hip-hop band who in 2004 won the San Diego Music Awards for “best hip-hop album.”  Currently, she is also teaching poetry workshops in Juvenile Hall, she believes that writing is transformational and a positive outlet for youth.  She has also worked with different organizations such as M.E.Ch.A. Central de San Diego, Colectivo Zapatista de San Diego, Proyecto de Solidaridad Calpulli, Circulo de Mujeres de Color, the Red Calaca Arts Collective and Xispa con Tita, a progressive cross-border radio program which focuses on bridging art, music and culture in the San Diego-Tijuana region.
Eduardo Cervantes
  Eduardo Cervantes
A local San Diego filmmaker with a passion for capturing raw life through the eye of a lens. He has most recently been documenting the creative personalities of Crol and Werc, capturing not only their work but also glimpses of their lives and journeys pursuing artistic and personal fulfillment. For La Entrada Project, Eduardo brings a style that captures a sense of the surrounding environment and community that envelops Crol and Werc as they complete mural after mural. Eduardo’s work will serve to demonstrate the vision and integrity of the art done by Crol, Werc and other artist involved in La Entrada Project.
Beryl Foreman
  Beryl Forman
Mangos, Ice cream, Beatles, Klezmer, Zatar.... I live in an yellow spanish villa in Golden Hill with ongoing music, a bicycle, free highspeed wireless service, great condiments, colorful pictures, Boulevard, urban revitalization, great friends, Tijuana, Balboa Park,Torrey Pines, the all encompassing internet, crocs all year long, theTurf club, vintage stores, bull fights, Salsa Sushi, utility boxes, crazy cooking, laughing, dancing, and singing….living life to the fullest!
Victor Ochoa

Victor Ochoa
A widely recognized Chicano painter/muralist long considered to be one of the pioneers of San Diego's Chicano art movement. He is a co-founder of the Centro Cultural de la Raza in Balboa Park, a multidisciplinary community-based arts center devoted to producing and preserving Indian, Mexican, and Chicano art and culture.Born in Los Angeles, in 1948, Ochoa lives and works on both sides of the San Diego/Tijuana border. He received a B.A. in Fine Arts in 1974, from San Diego State University. From 1988 to the present he has been a professor at Grossmont College, teaching "Mexican-Chicano Art and History", and he has also taught "Chicano Art in the Border Region" at the University of California, San Diego (1995-96). He also teaches art to high school students at the MAAC Project Community Charter School in Chula Vista, CA.

Mario Torero
  Mario Torero
My work is comprised of the coordination and production of Fine Art through Murals and Sculptures within the community of San Diego, Tijuana and Los Angeles as well as globally. My body of work consists of socially motivated public artworks that have evolved into a master plan concept that continues to march on to the tune of humanity’s dream.
Noe Montes
  Noé Montes
Born in 1973 in Modesto, Ca. Noe grew up in a family of migrant workers in the San Joaquin Valley. He has been practicing photography for 12 years. As a commercial and editorial photographer he shoots for clients that include the LAPD and The Mexican American Cultural Center. He lives happily in Los Angeles with his wife, 3 year old boy and baby on the way.

Noe Montes
(323) 251-1597
  Pose 2
Currently an international muralist and arts educator for non-profit organizations and advertising agencies within New York, Philadelphia, Mexico and California. This role includes the responsibility for mural development and execution, curriculum writing and workshop instructing, within schools, prisons and after school programs.
Powerful images of color and stylishly formed letters flowing through New York City synchronized with the movement of subway steel evoked in me a calling to claim this art form called “graffiti” as my own and a passion to enlighten others as to it’s beauty, depth and strength. College days brought influences of another kind. Technical clarity, figurative style from an art form of another tradition- Fine Art. With these two art movements as my wells of inspiration I reflect the inner workings of my mind in my work as a fusion of both Graffiti and Fine Art that is distinctly Pose II.
Chor Boogie
  Chor Boogie
As an artist of modern times, understanding himself and the world through color, defining the meaning of originality Chor Boogie is one of many masters that leads this pioneering craft of spray paint in its diverse art form.
Chor Boogie, born Jason Hailey in 1979, was raised in Oceanside California a small city by the sea with in San Diego county. He was handed a paint brush at the mere age of five from his kindergarten grade school teacher, started painting and fell in love with the creative process immediately, telling his teacher "When I grow up I am going to be an artist." Thus overtime Chor Boogie was exposed to the spray paint medium along with many other trials and tribulations that changed his life and formed this learning lesson we live in. As a self made artist his drive and his passion fueled his study from renaissance artists such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Rembrandt to more modern artists like Klimt, Van Gogh, Dali, combining a street culture of modern day spray paint "mentors" such as Phase2, Vulcan, Coma, Sake, Apex, Pose2, and in turn helped guide his lifestyle into a life it self. A deep spiritual healing and recovery from addiction nearly a decade ago transformed his life and has had a major impact in his style of color therapy and techniques of creative innovativeness. Chor Boogie moved to San Francisco in 2007 and took the leap to pursue a full time career in art. His visionary works ignites the hearts and minds of the masses world wide. There is no color he does not use. He creates a wide range of forms pioneering his inverted can technique which slows down the pressure of the paint and creates dense, rich tones giving room for more detail on a broad perspective. Chor Boogie's dynamic range of artistic styles can manifest as soulful, deftly shaded portraits to color therapy, geometric elements adding up to half hidden faces, and a minds eye or two to encourage you to see internally and externally.
carlos solorio
  Carlos Solorio
Fronterizo; Born in Tijuana, BC, Mexico in 1982, raised in San Diego, CA. Grew up around his Grandfather's antique photography cameras, considered as the 'travieso kid' no family member could control, except for the cool sunday movies on Ch 12 and the serenity of drawing & coloring as a child. Given his light saber, the camera obscura during his teen years to express himself visually by capturing, composing images of a physical world divided by mankind and to avoid coming as chambelan in cousin's xvañeras by taking pictures. Fell in love with Photography at Mission Bay High. Fell in love with Film History classes at SDSU, entered the 2003 San Diego Best Fest Film Festival, transfered/moved to CSULA for the film industry environment, experience, interned for NALIP.org, received BA in TV, Film and Media Studies. Currently back in hometown as a Freelance Auteur working on script for debut feature film. Work mostly consists of documenting inner-city inhabitants, stories, experiences, occurences and realities. Involved with documenting; non-profit org's; Izcalli.Org (Circulo de Hombres/Hombres Nobles/Teatro Izcalli), RealityChangers.Org, Civil Rights agency; JusticeSanDiego.Org, TV Shows; Corazon Grupero, Zona Norte, Craig Rian Project, local radio station concert events, and Chicano Park, The Centro Cultural de La Raza, and The World Beat Center events.
In the year 1990 VYAL began to study art @ the prestigious "BELMONT TUNNEL ART INSTITUTE " in Los Angeles CA. There he was introduced to and learned from some of the best instructors money couldn't buy. There he studied the "East Los Angeles lettering styles" and "character rendering" from some of the greatest that ever lived. VYAL then went on to study for a few years @ " THE MOTOR YARD INSTITUTE FOR THE ARTS" Where he earned a degree in "West Side lettering structure" and earned his first publishing in "CAN CONTROL" magazine , the year was 1993. VYAL spent his summers studing abroad @ the beach resort known as "THE VENICE PAVILLION" where he and countless other collueges studied and practiced their art in a relaxing beach atmosphere. After a brief bout with narcotics , VYAL cleaned up and began his studies once more at the "SUNSET and SANBORN urban institute for the arts", It was at this point that he began to rise to the top of his class. Upon finishing up his studies @ SUNSET and SANBORN, he decided to return to "BELMONT TUNNEL ART INSTITUTE" and soon thereafter earned his Masters in "PRODUCTION DESIGN" as well as " CHARACTER DESIGN". VYAL now lives comfortably in Los Angeles CA where he can still be found creating , teaching , and studying. Vyal is also a member of 2 of the longest standing secret graffiti societies in L.A. the mystical "CIRCLE OF IMMORTALITY" ,as well as one of the most powerful graffiti societies known around the globe as the "LEGION OF DOOM " ......For more info on the artist please visit, VYALONE.com
  Monica Hernandez
aka WICKA… was the first Arts & Culture Director and co-founder of THE FRONT (a collaborative of arts, culture, design & urbanism) in San Ysidro, Califas where she was raised. Born in Tijuana to parents from Chiapas and Jalisco, Monica believes in the necessity of self-expression through the arts as a means for cultural survival, healing and celebration. Her areas of interest are: Inter/Trans Disciplinary Studies, Hyper/New Media, Film & Popular Culture (Theory & Production), Critical Theory, Anti-Systemic & Resistance Movements, Subaltern Epistemologies, Indigeneity, Cultural Geography and the San Diego/Tijuana Border Region. She holds a BA in Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley and is currently working on her MA in Chicana/o Studies at SDSU.
Keenan Shaw   Keenan Shaw
Armando De La Torre   Armando de la Torre


Rudy Palos   Rudy Palos